We offer a web trading platform to facilitate the commercialization of agricultural products both in the local market and in the international market. In this way strengthen the commercial relations between:

Producer – Exporter.

Exporter – Importer.

Producer – Local market.

Our goal is to promote the placement of products with exportable offer, for which it will also have technical support.

We put at your disposal the services of our team, through which you will find support in tasks of commercialization and search of clients in the local and international market, thus generating a tool that will improve the prospects with potential customers for the placement of products of origin local.

We provide a technological solution through our Negotiation Platform that will allow you to display and offer your agricultural products, whether soy, cotton, chia, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, etc.

The platform will allow you:

– Know the supply of exportable products of the Province.

– Identify the volume of products available for sale in the domestic market.

– Have a date of availability of different agricultural products.

– Know an estimated sale price of the product, whether by Equipment, Ton, etc.

– Improve the marketing of local products in the country’s markets.

– Connect with local producers with exporters.

– Support local producers in their first export.

– Report on the quality standards met by the producers.

– It will allow having a Guide of Producers classified by activity.