About us

We are company consultants specializing in Foreign Trade, Finance, Technology, and Business Marketing.

Our training and experience allows us to bring you an excellent service in the placement of your products in the Local Market and the International Market, monitoring the risks of the operation in each stage and contributing to the generation of value of your company.

More than 10 years of profession guarantee our services in the search for business and profitability for companies.

We are looking for a Win-Win Business (Win-Win) through our services, and obtain the highest satisfaction in our advice.

Pro-Trading is a company specialized in services of International Trader of agricultural products. We offer IMPORTERS and EXPORTERS SMES the search for new business internationally.

We offer our clients different solutions for their business in Foreign Trade, and EXPORT OF PRODUCTS, being synonymous with our ability to adapt to current and future needs the possibility of having a unique Web Trading Platform in the NOA; which is oriented to know the exportable offer and facilitate business with commitment, seriousness and responsibility.

We maintain alliances with national and international land transportation companies and with the main TRADERS in the country.